Monday, June 13, 2011



Mastermind, a set on Flickr.

Photographs from the Mastermind performance at the Brick Theater, Friday July 10th, 11 2011.
You now never have to read another comic book and can now start living one.

Joe Infurnari as the Penciler/ Assistant Editor/ Arch-enemy/ Best friend/ Jack Kirby
Vincent Como as the Inker/ Plotter
David DOstillo as the Layout Artist/ Assistant Editor
Jeff Lewonczyk as the Writer
Erik Hokanson as the Letter
Jill McDermid as the Special Guest from a Teen Romance Comic
Jj Sulin as the Caveman Robot
Amanda Woodward as the Colorist
Marni Kotak as the Wife
Jason Robert Bell as Editor-in-chief/ Stan Lee/ Jace the Ace/ And Marduke the Destroyer from Planet X

Spacial thanks to Mel Skluzacek , Big Bill Discroll, and Zev Deans as the Bullpen/ The Killjoys

Stephanie Abraitis as the Ultimate Nullifier

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